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Guaranteed results in12 weeks or less Over anxiety and achieve success in life.

Are you exhausted from...

💖 Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed out.

💖 Constantly second-guessing your decisions and feeling stuck in a rut?

💖 Persistent feelings of restlessness or unease

💖 Losing your shit over every little thing.

💖 Avoiding everything because it's just easier.

You are NOT Alone!

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HI, I'm Jocelyne, Certified Master NLP Coach, TimeLine Therapist, Hypnotherapist and Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master and teacher. From as early as I can remember, I struggled with depression, overwhelming emotions, and hidden pain. Despite facing ulcers at 16, I persisted, carrying this burden into my adulthood.

I searched for solutions, ending up on countless different medications and nothing helped. Finally, I hired a mindset coach and received my first Reiki certification and felt as though the world had been lifted off my shoulders. 


Step by Step, my transformation began. I received many certifications that help me heal at a profound level. I feel more like myself today then I ever have.


Now I share my expertise with other women in breaking free from the limitations of anxiety and people pleasing tendencies, helping them live life free from constant worry, regain control over their thoughts and emotions and develop the resilience to effectively respond and navigate life’s challenges with confidence.

"Jocelyne helped me with a specific issue that I was having. Her ability to hold space, listen and allow things to unfold was spectacular.  She unearthed the root of the issue with ease and kindness. Thank you, Jocelyne, for your energy and guidance!  I recommend Jocelyne if you are wanting TRUE change in your life. Thank you so very much Jocelyne, you are a gem."


Wendy P

Embark on a Journey of Transformational Healing


Release the grip of limitations, freeing yourself from stress and anxiety's hold.


Empowering assistance uplifts, encourages, and nurtures growth through understanding and encouragement.


Learn practical tools and strategies for immediate positive change..

"I may seem calm and at ease to most people when I'm talking to them. They didn't realize how the anxiety often used to threaten to rear its ugly head. Since working with Jocelyne I have better coping skills to keep it away as now I focus on what I can do instead of focusing on everything, it was so overwhelming. Going through the Breakthrough sessions with her was seamless, as simple as having conversations with an old friend. Easy, comfortable, and fun. In the end I am a changed woman in how I deal with stressful situations. Sure, there are stressful moments that come and go, that will always be the case since we are humans after-all, and as they do, I now have learned powerful skills to manage them and take back my power."


Angela L

"Reclaim Your Life – Your Journey Starts Today!"

Step 1: Book a Free 30-min breakthrough call

Explore possibilities, goals, and my transformative support in a personal session with you.

Step 2: Select a Package.

Select your ideal coaching package tailored to your goals for a transformative journey ahead.

Step 3: Start your transformational Journey

Embark on a life-changing journey of transformation, unleashing your full potential and true self.

Jocelyne is incredible in her many talents and techniques. I wanted to feel less anxious and stressed and had no idea where to start. She helped guide me through a few different techniques, which all helped. At the end, she did some hypnosis with me, and her voice is made for this technique!! I feel calmer now and a lot less stressed. Highly recommend! Thank you, Jocelyne!

Karen V

Ready to break free and reclaim your life and have...

💖 More self-confidence and resilience.
💖 Better decision-making and assertiveness.
💖 Increase your physical health with reduced stress impact.
💖 Healthier relationships with clear boundaries.

💖 A sense of liberation and freedom.

I started working with Jocelyne back in November 2021. I'm so honored and blessed having Jocelyne as my Mindset / Healing Coach. The different lessons I've learned so far from the importance of our higher faculties to the power of being your most authentic self has forever been life changing for me. I am more focused, more determined, and at peace more with myself. I have and continue to learn from her that the power of a positive mindset and being mindful of one's thoughts will help me on my journey of being my most authentic self, as well as living the life I've always dreamt of for myself! Thank you, Jocelyne, for being on my journey with me!!


Tara B

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