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Meet Jocelyne Bilodeau

The story behind Be Bold Authentically U:

A Safe Space to Heal your Mind, Body & Soul.

About Me: About Me

You're here because you are exhausted from feeling overwhelmed, stuck, anxious and you are ready for change.

I get it. I suffered for years with stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and feeling stuck, and even ended up on an antidepressant and anti-anxiety medication. 


I reached a point where I prioritized work and others above myself, becoming emotionally unavailable to my family and consistently letting them down by overreacting.


After months of searching for a solution, I found a mindset coach. Working together, I discovered a transformative shift in my life, becoming more present, confident, and emotionally available to my family, no longer letting them down with constant overreactions. 

The first time I received a Breakthrough, I felt like Oh. My. Word! 

Something shifted for me. I was releasing negative emotions my body had stored for years.

I also experimented with combining the powerful healing energy of Reiki with the transformative effects of Hypnotherapy which helped shift things faster with ease and grace.

Over time I started responding instead of reacting and leading with confidence in every aspect of my life. I felt like I was enjoying life again and being fully present for myself and my family.

Now I'm a Karuna Reiki Master and Teacher as well as Master Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach, Time Line Therapy® and Master Hypnotherapist. I guide and empower women in breaking free from the limitations of anxiety and people pleasing tendencies, helping them live life free from constant worry, regain control over their thoughts and emotions and develop the resilience to effectively respond and navigate life’s challenges with confidence.

I want you to know there IS hope. You can heal. Even if it doesn't feel like it at the moment.

A Lifetime Of Helping Others

Passionate about serving those struggling with anxiety and people-pleasing, my journey began as a child and youth worker in 2001, focusing on providing safety and security to traumatized individuals.


Now, with NLP and unconscious work, I dive deeper into my clients' issues, creating a safe space for lasting relief and empowerment, an evolution of my social work background.

How I work...

💙 I genuinely believe that, with the right support and gentle guidance, anyone can experience profound healing.

💙 I strive to ensure my clients never feel trapped in crisis or unbearable pain without a path to assistance.

💙 I hold the belief that healers should empower clients to self-care and provide tools for independence.

💙 I firmly believe that as we heal ourselves, we help heal the world.

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