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Now Only $47

Get ready to experience a UNIQUE one of a kind workshop!

Valued at $597

Hypnosis will gently guide your mind into a state of relaxation, while Reiki fills you with warmth and positivity.

And let's not forget about your Power Word – the secret ingredient that will elevate your experience to new heights.


It's about unlocking your inner Magic and embracing the coolest version of yourself!


Once you've chosen your Power Word, get ready for some incredible transformations:


🚀 Clarity, You'll know exactly what you want.

🦸‍♂️ Confidence soars as you embrace your awesomeness.

💪 Tough times? No sweat! Your Power Word gives you the strength to push through.

🌟 Being authentically you? That's where the real magic begins.

🔄 Change? It's not scary anymore; it's exhilarating!


There's more!   Having a Power Word also means:


📚 Getting things done with unwavering focus and determination.

💬 Understanding yourself and your emotions on a deeper level.

👫 Forming better connections and communicating effortlessly.

😊 Finding joy and fulfillment in every aspect of your life.


Your extraordinary adventure awaits!


Don't miss out on this chance to infuse your life with the magic of Power Words, Hypno-Reiki, and a touch of childhood wonder.


Secure your spot now for just $47, valued at over $597!


Let's make your dreams a reality.


Grab your art supplies and let's empower ourselves with your unique Power Word. See you there!


Much Love,


Jocelyne Bilodeau & Karen Tavolieri

Client Reviews

power word Sasha .png


"I would like to thank you for the workshop OMG wowed!!!

You are amazing and one of my superheroes !!!

I made my card it’s simple hope that works" 👍🏻

power word lise.png


"When in doubt and needing guidance on creating a power word board infused with Reiki, attending Jocelyne and Karen's workshop will get you started on your journey.  The end meditation will definitely leave you feeling calm/relaxed and set on your intention.  Good start to your spiritual endeavors." ✨️🙏💖

power word Sara C.png


"I had such a fun evening at the Power Word workshop with Karen and Jocelyne. I entered exhausted and depleted. I left feeling deeply relaxed and ignited with my new power word. In fact, I wish I'd brought friends to experience this evening together so we could have not only spent quality time with each other but also learned each other's deepest power words for the season. I'm so happy I gave myself this empowering gift."

Your Hosts

Jocelyne Bilodeau

The magical guide behind the transformative Hypno-Reiki experiences. As a Holy Fire Karuna Master and Hypnotherapist, with years of expertise in blending hypnosis, Reiki healing, and the power of words, Jocelyne illuminates paths to empowerment, one session at a time.

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Karen Tavolieri

Your compassionate guide in the Power Word Activation Workshop. As a Dare to Declare Vision Board Facilitator, Karen's passion for transformation shines through as she leads women on a journey from frustration to focus, empowering them to reclaim joy, uncover purpose, and embrace life's limitless possibilities.

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