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Jocelyne Bilodeau is a highly skilled NLP coach and energy worker whose lovely and warm approach is welcoming and safe.  She helped me break through strong holds of self-doubt and self-sabotage that were holding me hostage in moving forward in my business. Jocelyne homed in on what was blocking me so that I gained clarity and focus. Her keen sense and experience freed me to get out of my own way. I highly recommend Jocelyn to help you work through anything. Yes anything! She is that good.

Georgeane. T.C.

Jocelyne is incredible in her many talents and techniques. I wanted to feel less anxious and stressed and had no idea where to start. She helped guide me through a few different techniques, which all helped. At the end, she did some hypnosis with me, and her voice is made for this technique!! I feel calmer now and a lot less stressed. Highly recommend! Thank you, Jocelyne!

Karen. V - Barrie, ON

I may seem calm and at ease to most people when I'm talking to them. They didn't realize how the anxiety often used to threaten to rear its ugly head. Since working with Jocelyne I have better coping skills to keep it away as now I focus on what I can do instead of focusing on everything, it was so overwhelming. Going through the Breakthrough sessions with her was seamless, as simple as having conversations with an old friend. Easy, comfortable, and fun. In the end I am a changed woman in how I deal with stressful situations. Sure, there are stressful moments that come and go, that will always be the case since we are humans after-all, and as they do, I now have learned powerful skills to manage them and take back my power.

Angela Lamarche

Jocelyne helped me with a specific issue that I was having. Her ability to hold space, listen and allow things to unfold was spectacular.  She unearthed the root of the issue with ease and kindness. Thank you, Jocelyne, for your energy and guidance!  I recommend Jocelyne if you are wanting TRUE change in your life. Thank you so very much Jocelyne, you are a gem.

Wendy Patterson

I started working with Jocelyne back in November 2021. I'm so honored an blessed having Jocelyne as my Mindset / Healing Coach. The different lessons I've learned so far from the importance of our higher faculties to the power of being your most authentic self has forever been life changing for me. I am more focused, more determined, and at more peace with myself. I have and continue to learn from her that the power of a positive mindset and being mindful of one's thoughts will help me on my journey of being my most authentic self, as well as living the life I've always dreamt of for myself! Thank you, Jocelyne, for being on my journey with me!!

Tara Blake - Chattanooga, TN

I admit I was extremely skeptical.  I always thought that reiki healing and balancing your body’s energy was “wooo hooo” and too far out there for me. People who believed in this were a bunch of nut bars and new age hippy’s! 

Then Jocelyne came into my life.   Had I not experienced a Reiki healing with Jocelyne, I never would have believed this was possible.  I know now that it is real!   The emotions I felt, the images I saw in my minds eye and the physical sensations and spiritual awakening I experienced were nothing short of eye opening and mind blowing.

Nearing the end of the session, I knew without a doubt that I had released energy blocks and achieved emotional cleansing.   When it was over, I felt relaxed, drained, relieved and so much lighter.   

I immediately made notes for myself about what I saw and felt.  When I received Jocelyne’s written summary of what she saw and felt I was astonished at how similar they were, especially given that we were located miles apart.

A mind blowing, eye opening, spiritual, revealing experience that I highly recommend for both believers and non believers in mind, body and spiritual energy healing!   

KA. Thunder Bay

I had a distance Reiki session with Jocelyne a few weeks ago and wanted to share my experience. This was my first time with Reiki, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Jocelyne answered all my questions beforehand, so I felt very comfortable. During the session, I felt the energy working in different parts of my body. Afterwards, we hopped on a Zoom call Jocelyne shared the messages that came through. I was blown away! The guidance was so pertinent to different areas of my life, and I had a new mojo the next day. The last thing I’ll share is Jocelyne also provided a written report. This was so helpful and something I continue to refer to.

Jocelyne Bilodeau - thank you for sharing your gifts with me!


I enjoyed my distant Reiki session with Jocelyne very much, and her write up gave me so many confirmations on what I was going through and what I still needed to heal. She even received channeled information that I found to be very insightful and has helped me move forward with confidence on my spiritual journey. Thank you so much Jocelyne!

Alicia Lexis

Hello!!! If you ever are looking for an amazing up lifting experience in life you're in the right group!!! This group gives amazing information and insight which you can use! If your look for more personal information then just reach out to Jocelyne Bilodeau and schedule a private one on one!!! All I can say is buckle up cause your going to blown about by the insight you get from her!! It is life changing!!!!

Cindy B

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