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Now Only $97

Get ready to experience a UNIQUE one of a kind workshop!

Valued at $1197

The moment you decide – and I mean REALLY decide – to invest in yourself and your far-out dreams, something downright magical and woo-woo happens.


It's like flipping a switch in the cosmic jukebox, and suddenly the universe starts playing your tune!


Opportunities pop up out of nowhere; the right people saunter into your life, and those dreams inch closer, day by day, conspiring to become your reality.

It's not fairy dust or hocus-pocus; it's the raw, unbridled power of commitment, a signal to the cosmos that you're ready to play big.


So go ahead, make that decision, and watch the universe tip its hat and roll out the red carpet just for you.


You've got the magic in you; now let it out.

🎨 Unlocking Your Potential Through Vision Boards 🎨

This isn't your typical self-improvement exercise. It's an opportunity for you to create your own vision board—a visual representation of your personal goals, dreams, and aspirations.

How It Works for You:

🪞 Personal Reflection: Take time to reflect on your personal goals and aspirations, setting the foundation for your vision board.

🎨 Vision Board Creation: Guided by me, you'll bring your vision to life using images and words that resonate with you.

🧩 Reflection and Integration: Share your vision board and reflect on how you can integrate it into your daily life, fostering self-empowerment and growth.

There's More  Having a Vision Board means:

🚀 Clarity: A clear visual representation of your goals, aspirations, and dreams.

📚 Getting things done with unwavering focus and determination.

🧩 Alignment: It helps align your thoughts, beliefs, and actions with your desired outcomes, creating harmony between your inner and outer worlds.

💫 Manifestation: It serves as a tool for manifesting your desires and bringing them into reality.


Ready to Empower Yourself?


Join us on this transformative journey and unlock the power of your Dreams.


Reserve your spot today and let's manifest your wildest aspirations together!

Much Love,

Jocelyne Bilodeau & Karen Tavolieri

Rave Reviews

Jeannie pic (Logo) size_edited.jpg


I have taken the vision board class and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

It helped me to focus and think of what I want in life. She gave me the tools to stay

positive and achieve those things. 

Making the board was great fun and helps me to focus on my goals every day. 

I highly recommend taking the class.

LouAnne pic (Logo).png


Working with Karen on clarifying my vision was not only interactive, but it was also so much fun. She helped me to see different areas of my life. Gaining clarity in my life helped me to heal wounds from the past and look forward to a healthier and happier tomorrow. I would highly recommend working with Karen.

Sarah Vision Board.png


I was fortunate to take one of Karen's classes to do the Vision board. It was honestly an amazing experience. It is how Karen went about just opening your mind to new possibilities and will be thinking outside the box about your goals. Everything I could envision for myself is on this board and even some things like that. I didn't really think were that important to me. One of the main things was starting the business and getting that rolling and just getting my name out there, which everything has been going amazing so far.

Your Hosts

Jocelyne Bilodeau

The magical guide behind the transformative Hypno-Reiki experiences. As a Holy Fire Karuna Master and Hypnotherapist, with years of expertise in blending hypnosis, Reiki healing, and the power of words, Jocelyne illuminates paths to empowerment, one session at a time.

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Karen Tavolieri

Your compassionate guide in the Vision Board Workshop. As a Dare to Declare Vision Board Facilitator, Karen's passion for transformation shines through as she leads women on a journey from frustration to focus, empowering them to reclaim joy, uncover purpose, and embrace life's limitless possibilities.

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