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Usui/Holy Fire III Master Level Certification




3 Day - 9 am to 5 pm


About the Course

“In the end we must consider that a Reiki Master isn’t one who has mastered Reiki, but one who has allowed herself to be mastered by Reiki.” Usui Sensi

Reiki is a sacred practice that requires reverence and our greatest respect if we are to experience the deeper aspects of its value. The desire to grow is inherent in simply being alive as we look around ourselves and observe other living things, we can clearly see that all living things share the impulse to grow. Therefore, the desire to grow in one’s Reiki potential is a natural expression of one’s core essence and of life itself.

The joys of becoming a Reiki Master are many, and you don’t necessarily have to teach in order for the Master training to be useful. The additional healing energy, and symbols, techniques and knowledge will add value to your healing abilities. Treating yourself and treating others in person and at a distance will all be noticeably improved. The fact that you can pass Reiki on to friends and family is also a definite plus. As you take Reiki Master training and increase your personal vibration, it adds to the vibration of the whole planet!

One of the greatest joys of Reiki Master ship Is teaching Reiki to others. Imagine the thrill of witnessing the members of your Reiki class receiving Reiki energy during the Placement and then, as you guide them in its use, sharing in their joy and amazement as they experience its gentle power flowing through them for the first time.

As a Reiki Master you will:

  • Have a deeper connection to your spirituality and your authentic self!

  • Have a deeper understanding of what Reiki is, how it works, and what is possible with Reiki.

  • With a stronger connection to your unique gifts.

  • With a greater openness and awareness to your intuition and to Divine Source energy.

  • Inspired by the level of healing you experienced in a short period of time!

  • Feeling like you’ve shifted massive blocks in your subconscious!

  • Excited and ready to continue your self-healing path and even support others in their journey.

  • With the knowledge, skills, and confidence to provide energy healing for others with a thriving practice of your own.

Your Instructor


Jocelyne is a Master NLP Practitioner & Coach, Timeline Therapist, Hypnotherapist, and USUI/HOLY Fire III Reiki Master -Teacher. For the first 25 years of her professional career, Jocelyne worked as a certified child and youth worker in several leadership positions in different organizations.
Recently, Jocelyne opened her own business as a certified NLP coach and helps guide people in reconnecting with their desires and passions, which allows them to achieve the goals they set out for themselves. In this role, Jocelyne guides her clients to connect and heal their inner child and release built up negative emotions and limiting beliefs holding them back and feeling stuck.

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